About Me

 Hi everyone! Paging Remington. My name is Remington Taylor and I currently reside in Houston, Texas right next to the medical center. I have two small dogs and a cat who are my fur children and basically run my household. I am in my last year of college studying biology, psychology, and neuroscience! And, I am also a pre-dental student! 

I have always had a huge obsession with reading ever since I was little and I completely blame my mom as she encouraged me to always read. When I was little, my mom would get off work early to go pick me up from school and then we would spend the next two hours in her office so she could complete the last of her work before 'officially' getting off. During that time, she would sit me in this huge love seat with a bunch of books next to me and she would have me read to her the entire time we were there. 

This quickly turned into me not only reading with her but reading whenever I had free time. I was always the girl who's reading logs were overflowing and winning the prizes for 'which student read the most during the school year' every year. There has been plenty of times that I was actually that kid who got in trouble for reading past her bedtime. My mom would come check on me and I would still be reading with my kindle or book light.

I created this blog as a way to keep track of not only all the books I read but also my thoughts on them. I also wanted to share my love for books and reading. I also have a beauty and lifestyle blog called Write Out My Dreams which you can find by clicking the tab or going to www.writeoutmydreams.com